Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance Services 

All good software requires good quality assurance practices, planning & skilled QA engineers to ensure all experience affecting bugs are ironed out & quality expectations for your audience is met before you release your product.

QA engineers are the people who find unseen issues which no one could see coming which not fixed could lose you users and money for your product. Due to complexities and variables for software and hardware compatibility with functional & non-functional features, bugs will occur. This is why QA and product management is so important to ensure your product key features are always intact & functionality across popular devices.          

Here is our QA services we offer:

QA Strategy & Consultancy

 Here we would advise on the effective QA strategy to form STLC with the best testing methods, processes and tools to ensure smart in-depth testing through your development cycle for SAAS products as well as single product release. This would cover QA disciplines such as requirement gathering, test design & test case/script writing standards. We would achieve via workshops discussing the problems in-depth as well as providing test plan documentation.

Jira Setup

Managing the Jira permissions & processes to allow effective workflows and tool setup to ensure STLC is apart of the agile development process improving quality in iteration rather than slowing it down. Jira is very powerful & effective tool for fast iterative development & testing with the right configurations.  


Automation Setup & writing Test Scripts

We can assist with your automation strategy & setup, creating your automation framework & testing libraries to fit for your tech architecture for front end & back end systems ensuring maintainable tests end to end for your product. Ideally you want QA to focus testing new features manually & use automation for regression testing for system maintenance.


Qualitative vs Functional Testing  

We also provide qualitative testing which is method of testing used during the design phase where QA would analyse & playtest the product to provide useful feedback & insights to refine & tweak the design and feel of the product. This type of testing is useful to iterative & evolve the product quickly into more engaging product for users.

Hands on Testing  

All software projects will require some hands on testing at some point, we can provide backend systems/API testing ensuring your data is going to right places, functional & agile testing to run test cases & stories within your sprint.

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