Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

London's Technology & Innovation driven Incubator

We offer qualifying businesses access to professional development and digital marketing resources in exchange for shares into your start up business putting you in the front position.

We have a great design, development and marketing background geared to help new business equip themselves with powerful tools to compete in today’s crowded market.

We Create.

Application Process:

Our team will assess your proposition, experience, assets and investments to better understand the value of your business and what you need to go to the next level. During this phase we’ll collect the following information:

  • ID & Address Info
  • CV / Resume 
  • Portfolio
  • Project Brief
  • Related Business Documentation or Assets (typically a business plan or any demonstrable products)
  • Completed Assessment Interview
  • Complete Master Services Agreement to begin working together.

1-2 Weeks to complete.

We’ll work together initially on a client customer relationship for a few months. Here we’ll better understand your business needs whilst creating the foundation tools to get you started.

We’ll propose business goals, revenue targets and tools. We’ll setup and manage for you, and continue to monitor them for a few months. If we as a team are able to meet our business goals we’ll begin review details for a formal proposal including updating companies house if appropriate.

3-month min to complete.

If we like your business and how you work, we’ll offer you a formal proposal spanning over 3 years for each Joint Venture, at the end of the term we sell you back the shares we hold for the company.

1-2 Weeks to complete.

We become your tech partner, creating supporting and developing new features and improvements to the business as it develops. This can range from digital or technical innovations, or implementing systems for organisational efficiency.

Up to 3 years.

As the owner of the business, at the end of the term you will have the choice to find a new buyer/investor for our held shares.

Alternatively you can buy the shares from us to own the business outright. The maximum term we would expect to keep the shares for is 3 years.

Costs, Fees & Dividends


Monthly Service Fees

You will pay monthly service fees based on existing and target revenue, growth and services required. These costs will be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Shares and Dividends

After a 3-month trial assessment – we’ll propose a share value to take from the business. Dividends are then to be paid annually between all shareholders in the business.


We Compete.

To Get Started.....

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply for a Joint Venture…

Immediate access to:

Principal Terms

1) Send us a brief proposal

Send us on overview of your idea / business including any related, links, documents or assets that would be helpful in understanding your business idea. Don’t forget to include your business goals.

2) Arrange an Assesment Call

You can arrange an assessment call from someone in there team here . During the call we’ll discuss your proposal and try to understand what you want to achieve and how we can help.

3) Await Feedback

Our internal team will review the materials and work what it might take to get your business of to a flying start. If successful we’ll discuss the work that you need together with some ideas of shares and rates.