Game Design & Development

Game Design & Development

Our team have been working with corporate business and SME’s for over 10 years. Understanding the complex needs of a business quickly and turning them into a meaningful brief, design or product is where we excel.  Whether it be for an advergame , gamification or a new commercial or marketing venture we’ll ensure you leave with the right project for the business goals. 

Game Design Workshops For ALL

Bigger businesses can have larger teams and require complex sign-off and decision making. When it comes to making something creative, this can be challenging for businesses to undertake. Our consultants find the best workable solutions from the team create a brilliant game or business solution.

Bring your team along to our design workshops and receive free drinks, food and beer to help the creative juices flow.

Bespoke Game Development

We have an experienced group of developers and game directors on hand to develop your masterpiece. On hand for fast turnarounds and exceptional quality.

If your looking to make a serious investment and longer term commitment, we can also match you with our local and international game developers. We’ll get you the best price for your new game studio.

Informed & COnsulted

Knowing the need for various stakeholders to have input and control over a project, Out consultant will spend time with your team create a bespoke solution for your needs.

You’ll work directly with a game director, as a part of your team of for weekly or monthly health checks on your game or application release.

Additional Services


Gamer / User psychology and data analysis for commercial and non commercial uses.


Design and Creation for promotional games designed to increase brand awareness.


Design and creation for educational apps, tools and games, validating learning.


Gather marketing insights from users as they interact & engage with your brand.

Frequent Platforms

Apple / iOS

Whether it be for something ambitious like wearable, or something simple for mobile


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development including traditional mobile

PC / Steam

Design and creation for educational apps, tools and games, validating learning.

Web & More

We've also done lots of work with Web games, Console games & Smart TV apps

Game consulting for business

Our consultants are need details of your project brief, before we start designing and developing your game. Find out more about our team and process.