Over 15 years professional experience....

Iron Fish (PC, Steam)

Verminator (Web, Mobile)

Alien Job Snatchers (Web, Mobile)

Hot Tub Heist (Web)

Nimball: Rewind (Web)

Quiz n Win (HTML5)

Beat the Buzzwords (HTML5)

Mouse Run (Mobile)

Chieftain’s Challenge (Mobile)

Snowflake (Mobile)

(The Times) MindGames (Web, Mobile)

Trogi – the land of Mapiah (PC Steam)

(Camelot) Pocket Lotto (Web, Mobile)

Cadbury’s Treat House (PC)

Citizen Planet (Web, Mobile)

Surf Ratz – Digital Comic & Game (Mobile)

Roboz (Mobile)

Rush Rats (Mobile)

and many more…..!

Corporate Designed and Developed Games

Companies worked with..

  • Cadbury’s
  • Luma Digital Agency
  • Celtic FC
  • News UK (The Times)
  • Freemantle Media (The X-Factor)
  • Camelot (Pocket Lotto)
  • National Council for Teachers Education
  • Homestart
  • IBM
  • Sony Playstation
  • Sega Europe
  • TT Games
  • R/GA
  • Intel

(above) Tic Flick: Allan Benassi, Celtic FC

  •  Freemavens
  • Oracle
  • Shell
  • And more…..


Traditional Game Design
Level Editing, Level Designing, Balancing, Prototyping, Developing
Games Marketing
Digital, PR Strategy, Trailers, Content
Game / Creative Direction
Game Design, Art Direction, Narrative, Sound, Tech Planning, Mechanics,

Game Design and Development Gallery

Our Creative Director

Our Creative Director has been working in the video game industry for over a decade. In the early years working for key players such as Sony Playstation, Sega and TT Games. Inspired by the dynamism of the gaming industry he launched BeefJack Ltd, a consortium for gaming businesses.  As an Owner / Creative Director for Beefjack Studio – he was responsible for designing and delivering all key video games and consulting on other tech projects for corporates such as Camelot, Shell, IBM, Oracle, Cadbury’s and more.  Our Director remains active and continues to develop his portfolio, working with new teams to solve technical and gaming problems.

Awards and Achievements

Featured in the Financial Times, Gamasutra, Marketing Week, Edge and more

Creative Director on Dean Edward’s Iron Fish – the 3rd fastest greenlit game by steam ever!

Finalist for Technology entrepreneur UK 2012 (Tech City, London)

Creative Director on  Snowflake a game for a charity (Homestart) was nominated for a Tiga award

Innovation in game production practices and data systems for Sony Playstation, UK

Sold 4 game development businesses, while have run over 6 companies.

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