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Indie Game Development Studios

Indie Game Studios.

We help make indie game studios!

For most of us, getting into the gaming industry takes a lot of time, hard work and skill. The sad reality is that even having these in bags doesn’t guarantee you entry or even that the first game you release will be a smash hit. Over the years we’ve worked with many new and aspiring indie developers keen to release their game idea onto the world.

For the uninitiated, there is a lot to learn and lot to get right if your indie game is to be a success. The subtlety of great art direction, the intricacies of amazing game mechanics held together with a gripping story and script may ultimately be too much to master first time round. Did I mention technical know how, production management or sound production?

Designing indie games with us

Truth is it’s a complex art form. ¬†Ever growing and changing making things harder to break into. We are here to give you the support you need to get things right from the off. We have a specialised team that will turn your game ideas into reality. Week by week we’ll break down your idea and put it through it’s paces. Look for new opportunities to make it better and have a think about any technical hiccups you may have along the way.

Making a career of it

So you now have a great game design, with a really detail game design document to go with it, What next ? We’ll help you navigate the development minefield, or perhaps maybe you wanted to make your own game studio? We’ll help make a plan for publishers / investors to jump on board and help carry your new smash hit over the line.

Game Launch

Of course many of our clients prefer us to handle all of the work, from design, development through to release. Whatever road is best for you, we’ll help you figure out your best options for turning your idea into reality and get you on the track of becoming the next big game developer.

Whether your an established indie game studio, or fancy breaking into the exciting world of games, there’s never been a better time to start. We offer special indie rates for game consultancy, so get in touch today!

we specialise in...

Advice, Support, Direction

As consultants with over 12 years experience, we can offer support and guidance on a range of different topics. Never get lost in the process.

Offshore Management

We'll help you source and management the right specialists you need for your project. Saving you time and money.

Publishers & Investors

Getting a game to monetise well is hard, proving to investors or publishers is harder. Our experts will build you a winning strategy.

Game Design / Balancing

Enhancing gameplay and player progression. Implementing and understanding the theory of flow, skill and difficulty within your game.

Marketing Strategy

Understanding your game from the outside in, creating and building a solid marketing strategy if your going it alone.

Consultation & Review

Providing comprehensive consultation, feedback and reviews from experience game professionals and journalists.

Start working with our consultants

We have a elite ninja team of developers that can solve most problems. We have a larger network of ninjas for those world domination plans too.