Understanding Gamification

Understanding Gamification

Gamification has been around now for quite some time, but there are still many people still unsure about it’s purpose and application. Common questions like, Can it be used for only internet or web applications? To gamify, is to create something more fun? Gamifying is businesses making promotional or marketing focused games?

Gamification can be used in many different applications than just marketing or collecting user data.

Let’s try to explore the definition a little more..

In other words...

gamification uses psychology & data analysis to solve commercial & non commercial problems.

Game Mechanics Vs Business Process


In games we naturally coheres players into doing what we want them do, they have fun with levels of perceived freedom. However the reality often in life, work and often education is that there are very often strict rules on what needs to be performed in order to be rewarded.

Rewards, Progression and Motivation


We play games for lots of different reasons, there have been many studies and philosophies on what motivates people in applications and in life and the workplace. Understanding how to encapsulate progression, knowing what’s need to stay visually and culturally relevant.

Experience, Interaction and Engagement


Understanding and analysing on how users interact with your brand, product or process can reveal methods of optimisation both practicality and intangible. Adapt your business process into an engagng experience targeted by your target audience.

Work starts off by discussing the problem you want to solve, reviewing any brief and documentation. We’ll create a roadmap with in house tools, Mapping and identifying targets.

Before proposing any designed solution building a foundation of data and metrics is important. We can also demonstrate how successful the overall project / campaign is going.  

Reviewing and understanding user behaviour, understanding new motives and challenges. Similarly to the testing process here we  fine tune and make improvements to reach the goal.

It's useful for...

Education / Validation

Use our techniques to educate and teach. Harness interactivity and gamification to chart and record user performance.

Employee Engagement

We build intuitive apps & business processes. Understanding user psychologies beneath, ensure fun whilst learning.

Incomplete Orders

Getting a successful sign up or checkout process can be tricky. We'll use gamification strategies and data analyse to start improving things.

Building Community

Building an internal or external community around activities gaming, or anything else. We'll help your community have fun and build rention.

Customer Data Capture

Implementing a solid data capture structure for any marketing material is important especially if your building a promotional game.

Customer Strategy

Helping you get the most from your customer or employee experience. Looking at opportunities and derived business benefits.

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