Gamer Psychology

Gamer Psychology

Game designers are key in every stage of the game design and game development cycle. Another benefit of this comes in experience of planning, budgeting and preparation for a game. Working out costs for tricky new game ideas or concepts, as well as create prototypes and examples of how gameplay / experience feels is what we do here. Working with clients for vision and direction our game design consultant collaborates with a team of developers, artists suited to the budget and capability. Our pool of technical support specialise in delivering high quality games across all platforms Console to Mobile.

Game Design Document (GDD)

So what’s a Game Design Document? Well it’s required for your team to have clear direction & understanding of your desired goal. Commonly game designers are experienced in articulating the details of the game, including core mechanics & features. Our game design consultant can put this together for you while also reviewing for investment opportunities, provide you have an accompanying business plan. We’ll support you in the search for game publishers, game investors or if ready, focus on the development of the game itself.

Game Design & Prodution Support

We offer support on a variety of game design and game production problems, Whether it’s ongoing development contribution, utilizing our network of game developers we steer are client projects positively and effectively.