The Genius of Advergames

The Genius of Advergames

Marketing Genius of Advergames

What are advergames? There have been series of occasions where ads are shown inside a game, that’s what’s called advergames. Advergames game developers spend their time developing games with the implementation of adverts along with the gameplay. This type of marketing strategy is very popular nowadays, as a lot of reputable industries using this method to promote their products and services.


The use of advergames in promoting business services and products of popular industries is not a new method among marketers. However, advergames save marketers the stress of searching for an audience. The advergame developers build an ad in form of a game, which allows them to promote products and services within the game. Advergames are a potential method for creating brand awareness in the gaming community.

The History of Advergames

Even though most people think that the implementation of advergames started recently, it’s been active for a long time. Let’s take a look at the strategy that McDonald used in the 80s in creating a famous branded monopoly game. With this approach that McDonald’s took, they got more famous as they interest a huge number of players. It can be said that their strategy paved a way for the digital advergames of today.


Nowadays, a lot of modification is happening in the marketing and gaming industry, which potentially affects advergames. Nowadays, advergames are developed for both mobile and desktop devices with different varieties of new implementations in terms of contents and features.


The Future of Advergames

The future of advergames is very promising because the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly. Here’s a list of what is expected from advergames in the future.

Branded Mobile and Desktop Games

In the future, more branded mobile and desktop games are expected to be developed for marketing purposes. Branded games are important for marketers in reaching a mass number of audiences globally, as a huge number of people spend hours of their time playing mobile and desktop games daily. Branded games are developed with the intention of entertaining gamers enough to patronize the product and services of the company incorporated into the gameplay.


Advergaming is lucrative for any type of industry independent of the services or products they provide to their customers. It’s a strategy that drives sales while creating brand awareness. With the right strategy, any company can achieve its goals with advergames, whether it’s driving sales or increasing annual revenues.

Promotional Games

Promotional games are very popular nowadays as a form of advergames. This type of advergames strategy is mostly incorporated by the gambling industry, where a company offers gamers the opportunity to qualify for a promotion after playing a game. Popular companies like Coca-Cola have made use of this strategy for marketing purposes when they created the popular drag and shoot game. Creating promotional games is a lucrative method of improving brand popularity while awaiting customers something in return through promotional offers.


With the rapid evolvement of advergames, there’s no doubt that the strategy will be implemented and utilized by other popular companies in the future based on the progress of advergames game developers.